C2W3 Final Assignment Error in train_val_generators function

I got the same issue of 13218057_Balkan_Khil for the final assignment of week 3 Course 2.

I am not able to figure the solution out.

Many thanks

Thank you for creating the post. As mentioned in the message, please contact coursera support.

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@Community-Team @Mubsi @chris.favila to help you. This is the message @Gloria got from coursera support

Hi Gloria,

Thank you for getting back to us, and for the details provided.

Unfortunately, we are not content experts, and we are unfortunately unable to address this matter as an expert would.

In this case, please head to the Discussion Forums of the Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow Course, and kindly make a post to inquire regarding the issue with this Programming Assignment.

Hi Balaji and Gloria! Please ignore the prompt about contacting Coursera Help and the Coursera Discussion forums. Technical issues should be resolved here in Discourse. We’re trying to have that automated message revised but as of last time I made the request, it cannot be implemented right away. Will follow up to avoid confusion. Learners should contact Coursera only if they have enrollment, payment or access issues. Concerns about the content should be discussed here in Discourse.

Gloria, can you also send me your notebook so our dev team can have a look? Thanks!

Hi Gloria! As mentioned in the other topic, the issue here is with the ImageDataGenerator. Please check the parameter list here. It seems you are trying to set the rescale value but inadvertently used featurewise_center instead. Hope this helps!

Hi Chris.favila,
lesson learned: always specifying the rescale parameter.
I wasn’t specifying the parameter rescale and Python was reading the argument as the first one( featurewise_center).
What a naive mistake!
Many thanks for your help, everything is solved now :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! Glad to help!