C3_W1_Assignment _Kindly rectify

In Exercise 5,

The notebook had this written for compute_breed_proportions(df) function:

# Loop over the breeds
    for None in df:
        # Slice the original df to only include data for the current breed
        # You can use the syntax df[df['breed'] == group] replacing group with the corresponding variable
        df_breed = df[df["breed"] == None]
        # Compute the probability of each class (breed)
        # You can get the number of rows in a dataframe by using len(dataframe)
        prob_class = None
        # Save the probability of each class (breed) in the probabilities dict rouding to 3 decimal places
        probs_dict[None] = None

It asks to loop over df but that is misleading.
You need to loop over range(3) so that each time the looping variable iterates over 0, 1, & finally 3 to retrieve the data.

Hi @Debatreyo_Roy!

You are completely correct. We have fixed this issue.