C3_W1_KMeans_Assignment Help required

Load an example dataset that we will be using

X = load_datp.zeros(X.shape[0], dtype=int)


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return idx
If you’re still stuck, you can check the hints presented below to figure out how to calculate norm_ij and idx[i].

Hint to calca()

This cell of code in not editable and is showing repeated errors.
Please Help

Hi @Tanay_Shah ,

X = load_datp.zeros(X.shape[0], dtype=int)

This line of code is corrupted. It should be

There are cells that are not editable by students, such as those used for testing. When there is error in your code, the error message should help locate what the problem might be. Editing test cells would not help. Please check out the Hints which provided a step by steps guide on how to implement this function.

If further assistance is needed, please include error message in your posting.

i see
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Hi @kurono34 ,

Please respect the honour code policy and do not post answer on the forum. Please edit your post accordingly.

I still am facing the same issue, is there any way that I can restart the assignment from the beginning with everything being afresh?

Hi @Tanay_Shah ,

Please follow this link to the section on Refreshing Your Workspace to get a fresh copy of your assignment.

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Thanks A lot Buddy, that was of great help!!