C3 W1 sampling distribution

I already given that green color appears 30% blue 50% orange 20% and my brain blown here what do I want to do with this information? It says let computer pick a number randomly between 0 and 1 say 0.1134 then the color is green. So ? I already know this. Where did we get this information to start with? I assume we counted number of green blue and orange balls in ten balls ( population of ten balls or things we cannot get more of?). So if pick number randomly between 0 and 1 is there any chance we change the fact that ratio is 3:5:2?

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Which specialization are you asking about? You are posting it under the Machine Learning Specialization, but your question looks like to be from a Maths specialization.


Math for machine learning and data science

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@Hassan_Mohamed6, are you asking about a lecture video, or about a programming lab?

A screen capture image would be most helpful.

lecture video.

Yes, this is where the original data comes from. We assume this small set of data has the same statistics as the larger population that we cannot access to measure directly.

No, because we didn’t add any more data that will change the distribution. We’re just trying to generate new imaginary data that uses the same statistics.

So if we use a uniform random number generator, that gives values between 0.0 and 1.0, we can use that value to decide what color the number represents, using the distribution given in this slide from the lecture: