C3_W2_Collaborative_RecSys_Assignment first exersice

Hi everyone.

Please you could help me to deal with this error, I don’t know what to do


Hello Ramiro,

I am a recent learner that has completed all of the requirements for this course. My background is in Software Engineering, R&D etc. However, to assist you with this problem go back to the section just below this task and find “Click for Hints”. within this section you will find code examples that will guide you in solving this problem. Additionally, I suggest that you copy your previous code into some form of text editor.

I personally like to use note pad commonly found in MS Windows. That way when you create your test sessions if something fails you can easily revert back to your previous code. Let me know if this helps!.

Thanks you.

Copying my code in a text editor helped, I found some errors I had.

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Be very careful when copying the code from the “Hint” areas, because it often does not contain the correct indentation.