C3 W2 L1: cannot download the dataset!

I haven’t changed the code!

Every time I run the cell to download the dataset, I receive this error!!!

Any workarounds?

Seems like ai.stanford is down. How long have you been trying to download the dataset?

Thanks, @balaji.ambresh for the quick response. I tried three times in an hour or so. Will try again tomorrow and let you know!

It’s down today (June 22, 2022).

Hi everyone! Thank you for reporting! We are working on an alternative so you can load the IMDB dataset. In the meantime, you can proceed with the next parts of the course. We will update this thread as soon as it’s ready. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience!

Hello again! The server is back online so you can try the lab again now. Thank you!

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Hi, it is working on Colab but not locally.

Oh, I just found the issue. The package ipywidgets was missing on my Mac. I was able to fix it by running !python3 -m pip install ipywidgets