C3_W3_Lab_1 - Utilities for preparing the datasets

according to the function structure .repeat(count), where count is the number of repetitions and if ‘count = None’ repeats infinitely. So when will it stop in the 2 functions below. I don’t quite understand. Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks

Perhaps the repeat() method has a default value that isn’t “None”. You’d have to look at the documentation.

I also looked at the documentation before.
And it’s like this:

The default behavior (if count is **None** or -1 ) is for the dataset be repeated indefinitely.

Repeats this dataset so each original value is seen count times.

Means that if you set count to a certain value and keep repeating then the maximum number of times drawing that value from the dataset is count times. If its none then there is no maximum value i.e. everytime there is a possibility of drawing that value from the dataset. It has not got to do with how many times the repeat operation on the dataset occurs.