C3_W3_Lab_2_OxfordPets_UNet.ipynb - locally on windows - AutoGraph issue

I’m trying to execute C3_W3_Lab_2_OxfordPets_UNet.ipynb , on local windows maschine, but getting an issue when executing cell:

preprocess the train and test sets
train = dataset[‘train’].map(load_image_train, num_parallel_calls=tf.data.experimental.AUTOTUNE)
test = dataset[‘test’].map(load_image_test)

Error message ends with:
“OperatorNotAllowedInGraphError: using a tf.Tensor as a Python bool is not allowed: AutoGraph did convert this function. This might indicate you are trying to use an unsupported feature.”

Any ideas from anyone on the cause of the isse and how to mitigate ?
Thanks in advance !

From what I can understand it might be a problem with graph mode outside colab environment. I would search about graph mode outside colab it might be possible that colab has certain probably inbuilt API to convert tensors to graph mode easily but it might need to be done manually on local environment.

Thanks for input.
Yes, agree, the graph mode on local is most probably the issue, I will investigate further on that.

Let us know what you come up with. Thank you.