C3_W3_Week 3 - Summative Quiz

Why does my answer to this question (attached Image) always evaluated as incorrect? I have tried both population variance and sample variance with two decimal places. Divided by n-1 as it is a sample variance problem. All the time this shows incorrect.

This may be a defective quiz question. Try it using ‘n’ instead of ‘n-1’.
Please reply with whether this worked.

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I think so. I have tried for both n and n-1. Also, take 1 or 2 decimals but it didn’t work.

Please show your math for how you are doing the calculation.

Thank you for your quick responses. That was not a defective quiz. I was doing that wrong. I have solved that question successfully. If you want, I can share my solution but I fear that might violate the community guidelines.

Thanks for your update.