C3W1 bird box problem with fitting model

Hello. I got this error trying to finish my work. I can’t find the root of the problem. I tried to cast it to float, it didn’t work. Also whole model is correct according to screens in colab. Any tips? Thank you

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Dear @JKuczera,

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Can you please send me your notebook as message, by clicking on my profile and then click on message. This will send me a personal message.

Because sharing code and solution on the community is the violation of rule.


Hello JKuczera,

Kindly edit the image as you have shared codes which is graded.

that history = model.fit has incorrect code where you mentioned training_dataset as get_training_dataset(visualisation_training_dataset), I hope you have not pasted those codes as the next two lines are the correct codes except the batch_size and epoch=epochs.

Refrain from posting codes as it is against Community guidelines.


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Sorry about that. I totally forget about it. Fixed it now. Code is not copied i just tried diffrent things to make it work.

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is your issue resolved now?

yes, it was stupid mistake by me. Everything is solved now.

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