C3W1 Grading error has cost me 20 points!

T​he grader gave me 0/20 on my submission (for the “parse” function). However, the explanation seemed a little strange. It said list “out of range.” I think this is because the way I cleaned the data, using “…range(2225)” as a part of a loop. Now, this might not be what the grader wanted, but that very simple loop helped me to clean data, and helped to rectify issues I was having elsewhere in the exercise (all of which were graded 20/20). Can I have a human help me with this please? Because the lab works perfectly.

Hey Vang37!

Welcome to the Discourse!

I definitely get that the grader can be frustrating at times!

If you wouldn’t mind clicking on my name and sending me your notebook, I’d be happy to look into this for you!

Thanks! :smile:

Oy, thank you very much. that was silly.