C3W1_Practice_Assignment - Exercise 8 - graded_very_positive_tweet

It is quite exciting to try out using tensorflow after using trax previously.
Regarding this particular exercise, I am finding it difficult to get a tweet that has the required positive score.


For your last exercise in this assignment, you need to write a very positive tweet. To pass this exercise, the tweet needs to score at least 0.99 with the model (which means the model thinks it is very positive).

Hint: try some positive words and/or happy smiley faces :slight_smile:

Below is my attempt:

# GRADED VARIABLE: graded_very_positive_tweet


# Please replace this sad tweet with a happier tweet
graded_very_positive_tweet = "Absolutely ecstatic! Today was simply AMAZING! 🌟 Full of laughter, joy, and love! 🥳❤️ Feeling incredibly blessed and thankful for all the wonderful moments! 😍🙏 #LifeIsBeautiful #Gratitude #BlessedBeyondWords ☀️🎉"


And this is the grader response

The model thinks your tweet is not positive enough. Try figuring out what makes some of the tweets in the validation set so positive.
I have tried several times without success. Any tips from the mentors?

I tried to make sure I am not going against the community guidelines as there’s no actual code here. Please correct me if I go against the guidelines.

Hi @lukmanaj

Just use a hint - try smiley face. In this Assignment’s case, smiley face is a very strong token.


Thanks a lot.