C3W2_Assignment Excercise 6 test fail

Dear Sir/Mam,

I hope this mail finds you well.
I want to raise my query regarding the exercise 6 test failure, I have spent many days to resolve it but couldn’t able to find the solution.

So kindly please help me to resolve this issue.
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Shivank Vishwakarma

input_shape is None can you print and check input_shape is defined?

input_shape = None # input_shape[0] is not subscriptable

This is the LSTM layer, can you please tell me what’s wrong?



issue is not related to NER grader cell but the predict grader cell

The way you recalled sentence vectorised is creating an extra dimension, then check the axis for argmax code.

there are threads related to this issue, use search tool

also avoid sharing codes on public post threads. it is against community guidelines. a mentor when asks for codes you can dm them. please remove both images of grader cell

Thank you for your response, the issue has been resolved.
And I will keep that in mind to not post the codes here.

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