C3W2 assignment

Convert sequneces to array and subtract 1 from every entry array
What would be this sentence? I can’t find it anywhere. ?

A model with n units in the output layer predicts classes in range [0, n - 1]. This is why labels should start from 0 and not from 1.

thx, but i know the reason but i searched and i didn’t know how to write the cell.
do u have any idea ?

If arr is a numpy array, then arr + 1 will return a new numpy array where each element in arr is incremented by 1.
If this hint has not helped you, please be specific about what help you need to complete def tokenize_labels(all_labels, split_labels).

it require from me convert labels from sequences to array with subtract each entry from array.

Convert sequences to a numpy array. Don’t forget to substact 1 from every entry in the array!

label_seq_np = 

so, what should i write after the equal ?

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To create a numpy array from a list, you can use np.asarray or np.array. The 2nd part of the step was answered in my previous post.