C3W2 C3W3 - respond to human speech via NLP

Course : DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer

I have completed the course and got a certificate. But in the certificate this is mentioned response to human speech vi NLP . I don’t see any model example built during the training course which takes input as audio and convert to text. Can anyone help here?


Could you please update your topic with an image or actual text on the certificate? Feel free to blur details that are personal to you.

@balaji.ambresh PFA of my certificate , underlined the text

Human speech in this context refers to the transcribed version (i.e. text) and not audio. I’ve asked other mentors / staff to help you out on this if there’s going to be some confusion around this topic wrt your employer(s).

@balaji.ambresh Thanks , if I get update on the certificate , it will be great. Also, do you. know which course teaches audio to text using tensorflow2 in Coursera?

Sorry. I don’t know.