C3W2 How to increase model accuracy

This is the layer setup for my model and the summary of it.

I followed the instructions, but it keeps getting me a very low model accuracy both in training and validation data sets. Also, the weird thing is that the accuracy never goes higher than 0.2270.

Could you give me any clue to increase the accuracy by over 90%?

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Here are some hints to fix your model:

  1. The assignment deals with a multi-class classification. The number of output nodes in your model should match the number of classes.
  2. Pick the correct loss function for multi-class classification instance.

Don’t forget to remove code from your post. It’s okay to leave stacktrace / training output.

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  1. The last dense layer should have 5 units, to be working with the softmax activation.
  2. Use “sparse_categorical_crossentropy” loss function

Please refrain from providing direct answers. You are welcome to provide as many hints as you’d like. Happy learning.