C3W2 test image error

Facing below Error

ValueError: Exception encountered when calling layer "WeightSharedConvolutionalClassHead" (type WeightSharedConvolutionalClassHead).

In this `tf.Variable` creation, the initial value's shape ((3, 3, 256, 546)) is not compatible with the explicitly supplied `shape` argument ((3, 3, 256, 12)).

Call arguments received:
  • features=tf.Tensor(shape=(1, 80, 80, 256), dtype=float32)

This error tells you that the shape of a certain transformation is not as expected, so you need to go back and check why is that!

As a starter my idea is you either are not selecting the right layers or not extending them properly.

@jay_mangi Could you solve it?

kindly make a fresh post even if you similar error, chances are your error could be related to anything else.

post a screenshot of the error you are getting without sharing any code.

You can tag a mentor in case you want them to have look.