C3W3 Assignment Exercise 4 Evaluation/classify the performance is low

For Exercise 4 classify function, I got low performance as:
Accuracy 0.54189453125
Confusion matrix: [[3902 2480] [2278 1580]]

Compared with expect results.

Expected Result

Accuracy ~0.725
Confusion matrix:
[[4876 1506]
[1300 2558]]

Someone has such cases before and can help ?

Never mind. I passed this programming assignment, but still interested how to get accuracy 0.75 for classify function.

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You should be getting higher accuracy. Did you pass all your unit tests and compiled/trained your model correctly?

Yes, I passed other tests. Not sure why this part not work.

please send me a copy of your code in private.


You seem to have compiled and trained your model twice. Can you update your train_model and get back to me with results?