C3W3, Final Lab, unable to get anything but 0s for both IOU and DICE scores

My conv_block() and FCN8()'s model_summary() matches the expected output.

MY FCN8-decoder()'s shape ( None, 64, 84, 11 ) matches the expected output.

My model runs well, even though it takes me 6 mins to run one epoch on CoLab, so I only train for 2 Epochs.

My print(results[0,0,0,0]) = 0.0015571925 and
print(results[0,0,0,10]) = 0.97868615

My print(results.shape) = (192, 64, 84), after argmax()

When i run the Visualize Prediction section:

the middle picture is blank/without any of the numbers showing on it compared to the two pictures to the left and right of it.

My IOU and DICE scores are all 0s

I’ve even downloaded the notebook and ran it locally and ended with the same results.

Hi @hkthaeh

kindly Use search tool to find old threads where you can find if your codes are correct or not.

check if you have not hard coded any of the codes.

getting output as expected output doesn’t always mean you are going the right way.

for a IOU score to be zero means it is your model which is unable to detect anything in the visualisation. also can I know why only 2 epoch train cycle? are reading the instructions carefully? in the assignment!!!


I’ve done a fresh restart of this lab 4 times and searched through the internet after spending 6 hours yesterday and 4 today, debugging this problem, and I can’t seem to find a solution.

I do not have any hard coded codes anywhere else besides the ones in the Exercises

I’m only training for 2 epochs on CoLab because each epochs takes around 6 mins to train on CoLab, training 70 Epochs will take 420 mins, so around 7 hours on CoLab. In addition, I’ve trained 70 Epochs locally on my own computer ( 25 seconds per epoch )
And after the 3rd epoch, the accuracy stays around 0.9425 with the loss dropping 0.01 each epoch ( from loss = 0.2361 @ 2nd epoch ). So I choose to only train 2 Epochs on CoLab in order to save time training.

I found a solution,

I just redid the whole lab using 2.8.0 version of TensorFlow and got a final Grade of 55. I’ll tweak the code around to get a passing score.

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have you completed c3w2 if you completed i had a doubt so please reply me