C3W4_Assignment A/B Testing error

I’m attempting Exercise 1 and when I run the unit test I get this error

Unit test broken in test_case_1 due to an Exception being thrown. Input was:
[19.50455046 12.90527347 18.68267129 17.85301249 13.71774122 13.91098702
18.16410518 16.63597096 18.57756755 17.41476787]
Exception is: can only concatenate str (not “float”) to str.

Not sure what I am doing wong. I used np.mean(data).

Hi @eliasb

The error indicates that you are trying to concat a string to float! Make sure this doesn’t happen by peinting intermediate values and variables in each step. If you feel stuck, you can send your code to me in Private Messages.

Hope this helps!

The issue was that the argument X should have been used instead of data in the get_stats function.


Solved! Thank you. Bizarrely, I had tried that, but only this last time, it worked. I must have needed to do it on all three equations or there was an indent issue when I first tried it.