C3W4_Assignment: Slow model training

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Q: The training of the model is slow: 30 mins ETA per epoch using T4 runtime. Is this expected or an hint of an error?

Hello @Sebastiano_Rossi

Did you try the fallback runtime?

Let me know if your training is still slow


Hi DP,

running on GPU is (again?) not possible. Currently, training an epoch takes around 20min. Unfortunately, if I search for “fallback” in the command palette, I do not get any results. Do you have any suggestions on how to run on GPU/train faster?

Thanks and regards,

hi @StexX

there can be other issues too for your training to run slow, kindly use search tool and check if your codes are not incorrect as per previous thread discussions.
i am sharing a post link where you can check if you have any similar error. there are similar threads which can contain other codes to be checked, you can use search tool

the fallback runtime was removed as the assignment are now updated and requires one to run the cells till final last cells which gives your instruction on tf version matching and restarting the kernel.

if doing all this still didn’t resolve your issue, kindly ping me here with the correct tag name as I can miss out on your response as you have responded on an old post.


Thanks for your help. Turns out that I had to use Colab Pro to run the code on GPU.

Yes but you really don’t require to purchase it, we all have done Colab environment provided by the assignment. Although GPU usage limit for free user has a 24-hour cycle being the only restriction but for an epoch to run to slow there could be other reasons too. Do check the tf version compatibility required for this assignment which is mentioned in the final cell at the end of the assignment.