C3W4 assignment

all tests passed up to ```
features have shape: (15462, 10)labels have shape: (15462, 3211)

but I encounter a problem with history = model.fit(features, labels, epochs=50, verbose=1) 
Input 0 of layer "sequential_2" is incompatible with the layer: expected shape=(None, 11), found shape=(None, 10)

Can you share screenshot of complete error?

I feel the issue is related to the input layer
An appropriate output_dim for the first layer (Embedding) is 100, this is already provided for you.

If you notice in e-reader cell feature and labels the expected output is
features have shape: (15462, 10)

which is then used in next cell create the model

the first layer is embedding which includes total words, 100 and input_length.

here input_length is recalled by using max_sequence_len (int) which length of the input sequences, and input sequence has been recalled by using features and labels from previous grader cell. So input length is max_sequence_len-1

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Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll have a look.