C4_W1 UNQ_C9: all tests passed, but getting 0 after submission

For C4_W1 UNQ_C9 all tests is passed, but I keep getting 0 after submission.

The grader output is:
Failed dict_test_check.
{0: 0.44999999999999996, 1: 0.3333333333333333, 2: 0.5055555555555556, 3: 0.12222222222222223},
but got:
{0: 0.5873015873015873, 1: 0.4404761904761905, 2: 0.630952380952381, 3: 0.20634920634920637}.

Please help. I have no idea how I can debug and fix this problem.

Thanks and kind regards.

I think maybe there is something wrong with the server so I suggest trying to submit another time.

Thanks. I have solved the problem.

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Hello!!I have the exact same error message. Would you please mind to share how you solved it??