C4 W2 A1 AssertionError: Check the padding and strides

where am i doing wrong?
I have used the same padding and strides , as mentioned. still i am getting this error.

instructions followed are:


File /tf/W2A1/public_tests.py:30, in identity_block_test(target)
     27 assert np.all(A3np >= 0), "The ReLu activation at the last layer is missing"
     28 resume = A3np[:,(0,-1),:,:].mean(axis = 3)
---> 30 assert np.floor(resume[1, 0, 0]) == 2 * np.floor(resume[1, 0, 3]), "Check the padding and strides"
     31 assert np.floor(resume[1, 0, 3]) == np.floor(resume[1, 1, 0]),     "Check the padding and strides"
     32 assert np.floor(resume[1, 1, 0]) == 2 * np.floor(resume[1, 1, 3]), "Check the padding and strides"

AssertionError: Check the padding and strides

This whole assignment is an excruciating exercise in proofreading and transcribing instructions. I suggest you go through again carefully and compare those instructions to your actual code and see if that yields anything. If not, then someone will need to look at your code to debug it. There is no direct way to do that and we are not supposed to do it in a public way, but there are private channels for doing that.

  • how can someone look at my code and suggest me what i am doing wrong then ? can i message you the code in DM?

Send me. Click my name and message.

Thanks Paul, its right there, I found it on rereading. A bit confusing though it struck my mind earlier too, but I had walked upon it.