C4 W2 A2:Alpaca Model mobilenetv2_1.00_None layer

Dear @paulinpaloalto,
working on alpaca model I have used
inputs = tf.keras.Input(shape=input_shape)
x = data_augmentation(inputs)
x = preprocess_input(x)
x = base_model(x, training=False) and i am getting error as

I looked into the model that i created and saw that shape of my functional layer was (Funct (None, None, None, 1280)
Here is the summery of the model i created…

What code did you add for the “base_model = …” line?

Dear @TMosh ,
I need a bit more help in this. I would be thankful if you could elucidate a bit further.

Following are the lines of code that I am using.![doubt course 4 week 2|690x293]
{mentor edit: code removed}

You have not set the “weights” value in the “base_model = …” line.

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@TMosh Thank you for helping me out…