C4_W2_Lab2 - Cannot install virtualbox on Debian through WSL2

I follow the instructions on virtualbox website - Linux_Downloads – Oracle VM VirtualBox - but when I try sudo apt-get install virtualbox-6.1, dthis error appears - The following packages have unmet dependencies. Then when I try to install dependencies, either those can be installed but have no effect on virtual box apt install, or some of the dependecies can’t be installed at all.

I’ve tried installing Virtualbox directly on windows machine, but then I could not connect to minikube on wsl. Also I’ve downloaded Virtualbox installer .deb file and tried installing with sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb, but still similar dependencies error occurs.

Please help, or it’s just impossible to install VirtualBox on WSL, in that case I should install all other packages on a windows machine directly?

Your best bet is to post this query on virtualbox / debian forums.