C4 W2 - Orchestrating the Cloud with Kubernetes

Hi I’m having some trouble with this lab as well. I’m following all the steps but when I get to the last one I get the following:

could you please help see what the issue is ?
thank you!

Hello @Justine_Dibarboure
In your code after running kubect1 get services the code output suggests that your EXTERNAL-IP status is <pending>

in curl http://<External_IP>:80
<External IP> is used as a placeholder for the actual IP address but the actual IP address is missing/pending in your case.

Replace <External_IP> with the actual IP address you want to access.

Here’s an example of how it should look (assuming your IP is

I suggest you check out your Firewall and Network configurations as it might interfere with the allocation of an external IP/ External Access!

Regards Isaak