C4 W2 Quiz


I’m confused by the following question. Since the explanation says stacking more layers could increase training performance, I think it also means that it won’t hurt the performance.

I’m not a native speaker of English. Does “won’t hurt” have some special meanings here?

My understanding is that, given two inception networks N1 and N2, if N1 is deeper than N2, then N1.performance >= N2.performance. Is it correct? Isn’t the explanation in red talking about this same thing as the option?

This is the case only on training performance, not validation or testing set.

Regarding your question, the option (the incorrect one) and its explanation seem contradictory. I believe that option would be correct as it specifically mentions the training performance. Or wording would be “will hurt” instead of “won’t hurt” to make that incorrect. Let’s wait for other mentors’ views on this.