C4 Week 3 assignment Auto Detection

Yolo non max suppression
I am getting that yolo_filter_boxes is correct, function iou is correct but yolo_non_max_suppression is throwing the following error:

InvalidArgumentError: Value for attr ‘T_threshold’ of int32 is not in the list of allowed values: half, float
; NodeDef: {{node NonMaxSuppressionV3}}; Op<name=NonMaxSuppressionV3; signature=boxes:T, scores:T, max_output_size:int32, iou_threshold:T_threshold, score_threshold:T_threshold → selected_indices:int32; attr=T:type,default=DT_FLOAT,allowed=[DT_HALF, DT_FLOAT]; attr=T_threshold:type,default=DT_FLOAT,allowed=[DT_HALF, DT_FLOAT]> [Op:NonMaxSuppressionV3]

that the iou_threshold dtype is incorrect.

Any ideas what could be wrong?

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Windows 10 python 3 in jupyter notebook

Two questions:

  • Are you working in Coursera Labs, or on some other platform?
  • Are you using the max_boxes_tensor variable when you call non_max_suppression()?

Yes working in Coursera Labs, I use max_boxes_tensor variable when I call non_max_suppression but have also tried it with max_boxes and with max_output_size=max_boxes

Only one of those choices is correct. It’s the first one.

… where the max_output_size is provided by the max_boxes_tensor.

Yes but it still generates the same error message. I don’t ser the iou_threshold dtype so i am confused by the error message.


And I have tried all three and still get the same error message

Please click on my ID and use the “Message” button, to send me a screen capture image of this entire function.