C4 Week One Assignment Grading issue

I completed the assignment and in each section I obtained the expected output, but when I submit it for grading I get zeroes for each section. What should I do?

Please check notebook metadata and refresh the workspace if required / in doubt. If that doesn’t help, click my name and message your notebook as an attachment.

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I found the error. It’s working now. Thanks.

Good to know. It’d help other learners if you could share details about the error without the code.

In the section where we defined the diff_moving_avg variable, I correctly sliced the diff_moving_avg, but I mistakenly included a slice for the diff_series as well. This produced the answers contained in the expected output box because we were looking at the diff_moving_avg shape. However, the graph would not plot due to the inclusion of the diff_series slice (Python identified a ValueError noting that x and y did not have the same first dimension.) When I removed this, it worked as it should and the grader accepted it (the grader was providing the same ValueError.)

can you share notebook to me please , because i’m facing same issue

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