C4 week2 assignment 2 Kernel error

I’m getting kernel error during cell 7 execution that is “data_augmentation = data_augmenter()” because of this I’m not able to proceed further. Plz look into the problem.

If I recall correctly, you need to use the data_augmentation() function. I can’t access my solution right now to check it, sorry.

Thanks for replying @TMosh. But this cell is pre-written and any changes to it throws error.

Use the function you are provided. Do not modify it.

But the point is that prewritten cell calls a function that you wrote. That’s the point, right? So have you considered that maybe there is something wrong with your implementation of the data_augmenter function? There is a previous test cell that just tests that. Did that give you “All tests passed”?

yes @paulinpaloalto the previous cell’s output shows all test passed. There is no error in that. It is just the cell with “data_augmentation = dat_augmenter()” that does not executes and every time time the kernel dies out.

@TMosh I did not modify the cell.

The test cell that checks your data_augmenter implementation is pretty lame: it just checks that the first two sequential layers match. My guess is that there is something wrong with your data_augmenter logic. Eg. maybe you made it recursive by adding the outer layer as the last layer or something like that. If you don’t see it when you look, maybe we need to see your code somehow. We’re not supposed to publish code on the forums, but you could DM me with the code so that everyone doesn’t see it.