I succesfully run the code until the last part: !gcloud ai-platform versions create $VERSION_NAME

and here is the error:
Using endpoint [https://us-central1-ml.googleapis.com/]
ERROR: (gcloud.ai-platform.versions.create) RESOURCE_EXHAUSTED: The requested number of n1-standard-2 exceeds the quota limit. Current usage/limit: 0/0, Requested: 8.

I know there is a solution for the quota limit:Quotas and limits  |  Google Cloud Armor

Uut I tried many times and it looks like I am unable to modify it anyway. If you have any other ways to fix it, please share, thanks!

there is not “n1-standard-2” in the quotas I can modify the limit

Hi @chris.favila, do you think you can offer any help regarding the cloud quota here.