C4W2 - Failed test for w2_tests.test_next_symbol(next_symbol, TransformerLM)

For some reason I get the following failed test message when applying the unit test w2_tests.test_next_symbol(next_symbol, TransformerLM):


Is there anyone else encountering this issue and knows how to solve this?

Hi Vincent_7,

For some reason your image with the failed test message does not show in your post. Could you try again to show the failed test message?

Hi @reinoudbosch,

Does this image show:

The issue is not very urgent anymore as I receive all 100 points when submitting the assignment, eventhough the unittest still fails at one test. So it might still be informative to have a look at it. My LabId is: pigzjesr

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Hi Vincent_7,

Yes I can see the image now. Unfortunately though I cannot access your assignment through your labid. If you still want me to have a look at your assignment, you can send me your assignment as an attachment to a direct message. It looks like there’s some minor issue with your code, as I have not seen this issue before. In any case, it’s good to see that you passed the assignment!