C4W2 windowed_dataset function

Hello! I am having trouble with part of the windowed_dataset function, specifically the part where I have to split the dataset into features and labels. I keep getting a TypeError. How do I fix this?

In the shuffle step, you chain the map operation as well. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, in the next step, you invoke the same map operation again. Please fix this to make progress in the assignment.

I’m still unable to get this step, also cannot find anything in the lessons about it. Is there a specific method that I need to use?

The mistake is at your end.
Follow the instructions in the notebook please.
The simplest way for you to pass the step is to follow the comment and perform only shuffle and do the map in the next step. There’s no video lesson available for user error.

Sent you my updated notebook, getting an error.

In this step # Split it into the features and labels, you are missing a closing bracket i.e. ). The mapping function returns a tuple for each entry.

Ok it works now, thank you!