C4W3_Lab1_KubeflowPipelines kubectl-f apply Fail

While we dig into this, I’ve also posted on the mentor forums for someone with an M1 mac to jump in.

Please post an issue on the github repository as well.

I am not sure why the mysql logs didn’t exist or why the workflow-controller logs were empty as well. Throughout the entire process the Status was in the ‘Pending’ the container was never successfully created.

Thats great Tensorflow on the M1 Mac has been a nightmare, can you share the link so I can find it!


Please post your issue on this link as well.

Learners don’t have access to mentor only topics. So, you’ll have to wait for someone to post on this thread.

Okay sounds good.

Issue has been posted here:

Thanks for the update. I’m following it as well.