C4W4 - Problem with Sequence , Time Series and Prediction

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I am at the last assignment of Course 4 (Week 4) and I have done everything right , the MSE is under 6 and the MAE is under 2 but I keep getting this error , can anyone please help me with this.

There was a problem grading your submission. Details:
Incompatible shapes: [1150,64] vs. [1150] [Op:SquaredDifference]

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Please see this

Should I change the built-in functions in the notebook ?

Please use print(model.summary()) to understand output shapes and how it matches up with the validation set output shape. Pay attention to return_sequences flag.

I am new to this deeplearning.ai platform. while doing WK4- Programming Assignment: Adding CNNs to improve forecasts , i am getting error continuously…unable to understand what i am doing wrong. can you please help? or suggest what is the appropriate place for asking the guidance to my problem?

Test your function and save all “global” variables within the G class (G stands for global)

class G:
TEMPERATURES_CSV = ‘./data/daily-min-temperatures.csv’
times, temperatures = parse_data_from_file(TEMPERATURES_CSV)
TIME = np.array(times)
SERIES = np.array(temperatures)

plt.figure(figsize=(10, 6))
plot_series(G.TIME, G.SERIES)
while running the above part getting error and then kernel stopped working. and i can not proceed further.


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