C5_W 1_A 3_Jazz Improvisation_insufficient instructions

“Jazz Improvisation” assignment looks interesting, but, unfortunately, some instructions seem to be incomplete.

Description doesn’t seem correct because we are slicing from (m, Tx, n_values) into (m, n_values), not into (n_values,)

After looking into TF documentation, it seems that the same “slicing” syntax can be used for tensorflow as for numpy. Hence for Step 2.A:
x = X[:,t,:]

Unlike steps 2C and 3, syntax for densor call wasn’t provided. From reading documentation on Dense layers, I assumed function call should be (Step 2.E):
out = densor(a)

After all that, unit test fails with message:

AttributeError: The layer "lstm has multiple inbound nodes, with different input shapes. Hence the notion of “input shape” is ill-defined for the layer. Use get_input_shape_at(node_index) instead

Thanks in advance

Try to search something like “lstm has multiple inbound nodes” from the discourse, you may see many posts, here is one. You will probably figure out a solution.

Rerunning all cells helped.

Still, I believe there are issues with exercise description that makes it very confusing.

I have a problem with running “music_inference_model” function in Exercise 2 of Jazz Improvisation assignment. My lab ID is “raojfdug”. would you please take a look at my assignment and help me how to solve my issue?

Thanks in advance

No one except the course staff can see your assignment.

Please summarize the problem you’re having here. Include a screen capture image showing any error messages or the assert stack.

Please do not post your code.

I actually don’t know what is wrong with my code. I got this error.

I think your inputs parameters are incorrect.