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3.2 Training the Model
All my methods have passed all test cases till section 3.1

But in section 3.2 method model is being getting failed with error Wrong expected output.

I do not see any error any in my code.
Can you please help me out what thing I’m missing?

Your ‘Y’ data is incorrect. It should not include the X[0] value.

Thank you.
I forgot that the None added to X is a flag to include zero vector in training and should not be included for Y.

I would also need a hint for my problem which is indeed the same although my Y values are correct which starts with X[1] and ended with the number for ‘\n’. Can anyone please give a hand here?

Hi @Vahdet_Vural ,

Could you start a new thread with error trackback, so that community members can help diagnose what your problem might be.