C5 W2 A1: Analogy finding doesn't seem to work that good

Not a problem/question, rather an observation. I’ve played a bit with word analogy search and it seems that outside the examples given in the codelab, the results are underwhelming:

bow -> arrow :: gun -> rpg
science -> scientist :: art -> birkhead
building -> brick :: nest -> reporteros
ship -> sea :: airplane -> hemisphere

Which week and assignment is this regarding? I’ll do some tests if you provide more information.

It’s week 2, " Programming Assignment: Operations on Word Vectors - Debiasing".

I agree, those analogies are a bit puzzling.

I can sort of see gun → rpg (though I’m surprised that “rpg” is considered a word in the GloVe embedding).

“reporteros” is a mystery.

“birkhead” refers to a headland covered in birch trees. Maybe that’s been the subject of a lot of works of art?

If I stumble on any useful observations, I’ll post back here.