C5 W2 A2 Emojify

I have passed all the tests and successfully passed the submission 100/100, but in the “2.5 - Train the Model”, instead of accuracy between 90% and 100%, I have an accuracy equal to 69%.
I have already restart the kernel and rerun the notebook and even try to run locally on my computer. It’s always the same.
Could you please help?
Thanks in advance.

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I’m exactly in the same weird thing with training in the 99%

I got 83%, so the unit test seems to be OK.

Please download your notebook (as a .py file, the notebook itself is too large), and sent it to me via a private message.

@padeossa, when you use the “.split()” function, are you including a “sep=…” argument?


Thank you, it really works! My accuracy now changed to 83% after I changed .split(sep=’ ') to .split() in sentence_to_avg() and sentences_to_indices() functions.

Thanks for your report.

Hi, I’m having the same problem.

Test accuracy varies between 62 to 73%.

Things I already checked:
I am not using sep=’ ’ in the split() functions.
I set embedding_layer.trainable = False in the pretrained_embedding_layer function.
I use ‘softmax’ as the activation function: Activation(‘softmax’)(X)

Any ideas?

See this:

After splitting with all the white characters(default setting of .split), my acc bumped to 83%.