C5 W4 A1 Ex.1 get_angles() - assertion errors


I can’t believe I’m stuck in such simple exercise, so I must be missing some very simple.

I’m getting the assertion errors:
“Submatrices of odd and even columns must be equal”
and “Last value must be 0.0009486832980505137”

I really can’t see how this line of code angles = pos/np.power(10000,i*2/d) can’t be different from the equation given.

(I’m sorry to publish code, but in this case is something so little that I don’t really see any other way of explaining the issue. Feel free to eliminate the post if you feel is too much.)

So I’m sure I’m missing something very simple, but I really can’t see it. Can anybody realize what the issue is?

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Hi Federico,

please read carefully this thread where you can find the error in your code. More students have the same error as you before so I recommend you to do a quick search in the forum to check if someone before posted the same question :wink:

Good luck and happy learning,


did you use i = k / 2 or i = k // 2 ?

i used k//2 and k/2 both showed the same error