C5_W4_A1 Exercise 1

Am i not supposed to use the formula:

πœƒ(π‘π‘œπ‘ ,𝑖,𝑑)=π‘π‘œπ‘  / (10000 ** 2𝑖/𝑑)

to calculate β€œangles”? I don’t get why i keep getting the error:

Last value must be 0.0009486832980505137

Thank you in advance.

First, you need to cast β€˜d’ as an np float, and you might throw in some pairs of parenthesis to be sure you get the correct exponent.

Most code I’ve seen uses the np.power() function, instead of the python exponent operator.

Just did that but keep throwing me the same error…

Oh I was missing one zero β†’ 10,000 instead of 1,000 My bad :confused:
Thank you so much!