C5_W4_A1_Transformer_Subclass_v1: UNQ_C8

I have error that say:Wrong values in translation

I can check my transformer and I thinks it’s problem about linear and softmax layer. for this part I just use self.final_layer and it’s input is dec_output. It’s just for softmax and I don’t have idea for linear layer.

Am I in true way?

Can you share the screenshot of your error log?

yes yes of course!

I’ve sent you a direct message for further instructions.

Your argument to the self.decoder is incorrect. It should not be the input_sentence. Think about it. From the notebook: Pass the encoder output and the target through the Decoder with the appropriate mask. Hint: What is the target?

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Thanks my problem fixed :slight_smile:
but I have question about why do that and it confused me. can I ask here or in private message?

I suggest revisiting the decoder part of lectures or checking its image to understand it.