C5W1 - Prediction mathematical symbol

In C5W1 : Video - Deep RNNs
Check video around 3:58

These are predictions from Deep RNN, and symbol is used as real (actual) values.
Shouldn’t it be y (hat)

Please check SS

Hey @kdsharmaai,
The variables should indeed be y_hat, and building upon your premise, the y(s) which appear at 1:41, should also be y_hat. I will report this to the team. Thanks a lot for your feedback.


@Elemento , Thank you

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@Elemento / DLS staff,

C5W1 - Programming Assignment: Building your Recurrent Neural Network - Step by Step
At topic - 2.1 - LSTM Cell

At this place also prediction value should be y (hat) not y

Please find attached SS

Also in below image, y(1), y(2) … used instead of prediction symbol (hat)

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Thanks a lot for your feedback @kdsharmaai. I have reported this to the team.