C5W1A2 - Sample - wrong Values


I have wrong values for the sample / sample_test and I can’t find my error. Could someone give me a hint where to look at?

Thanks a lot.

Well, there are a fair number of moving parts here. Are you sure you included the bias terms in the calculations of a and z? Are you sure you implemented the “random choice” part as they demonstrated in the instructions? Or just make a pass through the fairly lengthy instructions again and compare what they say to what you actually wrote.

If that fails to turn up anything, we can go to the next step …

well, b has been added to the calculation of a, by has been added to the calculation of z.
the idx is using the random choice ont he range of vocab_size with p being y.ravel().
i did check and check again the instructions but as I still have the head into my error, i can’t see it… maybe another pair of eyes could see what I can’t.
I would have liked to share the code but it appears to be against the rules.

Please check your DMs for a message from he about how to proceed. Cheers, Paul