c5W2A2 still cant find the issue of KeyError(funny)

I have my code all correct and checked (Emojify - KeyError (‘funny’,) - #20 by TMosh) and cant figure out.
I initial avg as
avg = np.zeros(word_to_vec_map[any_word].shape)
and in step 2 make sure the for loop as
for w in words:
if w in word_to_vec_map:
avg += word_to_vec_map[w], count += 1
thk for help!

Are you talking about an error from a grader ?
In that case, have you checked sentences_to_indices() as well ?

could u plz tell me what is the sentences_to_indices()? Since I never found a function named that

my bad, I find it in ex3,never mind and thx,I will check it

ok i figure it ,thx bro

Great !. Thank you for letting us know.