C5W4 transformer assignment: exercise 4

I keep getting the assert wrong values for this cell. could someone please help me with the codes:

edited to remove code snippet

which line is wrong? please advice me… I’m really out of ideas…

maybe mask.is missing

Please do not post your code on the Forums. That breaks the course Honor Code.
You can post the error messages, but not your code.

@TMosh… you know… such comment is TOTALLY unproductive! you DID NOT help in any real way… if I understood the damn thing so well, I won’t be facing this issue now would I? without posting any codes, how would I be able to get ppl to review my codes and tell me where I went wrong???

abtway I solved it on my own… it’s the mask… I’ll edit my original post to remove the code snippet…

thanks for NOT HELPING !

Thanks for your reply.
You agreed to the Honor Code when you signed up for the course.

you can go on and be a dick… mentor? MY ASS! mentor what?? you DID NOT heko in any way… since you can’t be bothered to help, I can’t be bothered with you…