Calculating Average age of Customers

There was question at end of week1 Supervised learning -II lecture.
From the question I inferred calculating average of given data set isnt a example of supervised learning.

Why is calculating average age of group of customers not an example of supervised learning?
Because if we train a given data set for example input (1,2,3) output(2).Input(1,2,3,4,5) Output(3) and so on.
Why cant the system come across a pattern on its own to find average, Why cant it be supervised learning example ?

I am new in this field so I might have missed some basic stuff. Do give your thoughts

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So what I think is calculation of an average is not what Machine Learning is
You are using a formula to find it right?
The task of Machine Learning is to find out the general representation of the data from the given data…that is you can say to derive the formula from the data and then use that derived formula to predict on unknown data
Does that clear your query sir?
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Mayank Ghogale

Hi @Biswaranjan_Samal, at which Video or which lab or which quiz did you get that impression, can you share the name of that Video/lab/quiz?

at the end of the video of supervised learning part 2

I am afraid it doesnot.
Do you mean that the ml will come with some formula which will give average of the example data which we had given and it may or maynot give average of the new data set?

Thanks @Biswaranjan_Samal!

In that video, on this slide around 6:58, ‚Äúregression can predict a number‚ÄĚ, so predicting the average can be a supervised regression problem.

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@Biswaranjan_Samal, if you have a set of data, with 5 numbers per sample, and for each sample, you calculate the average as the output label, then your multiple linear regression model should learn all the weights to be 0.2.

Yes exactly what i was about to say! If your labels are the average values and inputs the numbers of which average is to be calculated,then it does learn that relation

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@Biswaranjan_Samal, do you agree with the way I frame the problem in my last reply? Is this what you were thinking? If you disagree please share your thoughts with me.

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thanks for helping me out.