Can I stop and Start the Lab

I might have difficulty in spending time on Lab at one go. Can I pause the clock halfway?

From my experience with aws courses here, its better to download what you have filled in so far because when the lab restarts its reset.

Once you start the lab, it spins some instances that will last 2 hours exactly. If you close it and then reopen more than 2 hours later, the instances will not exist anymore and you’ll have to start again.

I didn’t test it but I think that if you open it, work for, say, 15 minutes, then close it for another 15 minutes, and then go back to work, you’ll find your instances running, but the timer has not stopped, so you have already 30 minutes of the instance executed.

I recommend that you stay working from start to finish on the lab.

Most labs can be done under the 2 hours. I personally averaged around 45 minutes in them.