Can not upload week 1 assignement

I completed week1 of course: “Improving Deep Neural Networks: Hyperparameter Tuning, Regularization and Optimization”. Unfortunately, i cannot upload the notebook for assignement 1 (initialization), 2 (Regularization) and 3 (Gradient Checking). The assignement take much time to upload, then it shows error : “This lab has failed to launch. Please wait a few minutes and try again”.

Any advice ?

Sorry, it looks like the Coursera server complex is having problems at the moment. Bad weather in the cloud :cloud_with_lightning:. Best to chill for a while and check back later.

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I am also experiencing a “loading forever” situation, the notebook is finally not opening. Not sure if it is a general issue for everybody or only for me.

FWIW I’ve also been seeing this for the last couple of hours as well. Spoken as of 02:40 UTC 4/21/2021.

Dear @ZINE and @paulinpaloalto things seems now back to normal here as of 04:27 UTC :muscle:

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